Discover the local attractions that make Christchurch a destination everyone should visit.



Strategically located in the east coast of South Island, New Zealand, Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island which is well-known for its English Ancestry and historic centres. Commonly referred to as the seat of the Canterbury region, Christchurch is the third most populous city in NZ after Auckland and Wellington with a population of approximately 404,500 inhabitants. A majestic urban park is situated in the city centre from where the Avon River flows with flat-bottomed punts.

Despite its horrible earthquake experience in 2010 and 2011, Christchurch attracts visitors from several parts of the world. Below are some of the top attraction spots for people intending to visit the awesome city.

The Botanic Gardens

The foundation of this garden can be dated back to 1863 when Prince Albert tied the knot with Danish Princess- Alexandria of which an English Oak tree was planted to acknowledge their union. Being a historic attraction located in the city centre, the garden attracts a huge number of tourists. Some of the rare allures the garden blusters of include native New Zealand trees, flowering gardens and New Zealand blooms. Because of its proximity from the Avon River, the atmosphere is scenic, peaceful and friendly. The Botanic Gardens  is an ideal place for families with kids and group/team tours.

The TransAlpine Rail Trip

For a panoramic and perfect view of the majestic Alpines of the South Island, then this rail trip is mandatory as it runs from Christchurch to Greymouth. The train crosses through the Southern Alps and the plains of Canterbury on daily basis, the journey lasts for 5-hours and comes to a halt at the West Coast region of the South Island. The atmosphere is photo-friendly, scenic, family-friendly and warming.

The Brockworth Street Art Gallery

Christchurch is known for its famous street arts where scintillating murals are painted on buildings and most of them were done to mark the earthquake the city previously experienced. Core lovers of arts would definitely find this city fascinating especially on the Riccarton suburb where the Brockworth Street Gallery is situated. A vast variety of murals are painted  on the sides of the brick walls in the street.

The Avon River

A majestic river that drifts through the city centre and pours onto the Pacific Ocean through the Avon Heathcote Estuary, the Avon River is one of the most stunning attractions in Christchurch. Originally called Otakaro (which means a place of games) in Maori, it derived its English name in honour of the Scottish Avon. With a scenic and outdoor-friendly atmosphere, the Avon River boasts of River punting as one of its top activities

The International Antarctic Centre

Ever wondered if you can view the Antarctic? This is made possible at the International Antarctic Centre as you can literally view the wonders of the Antarctic region from the luxury of New Zealand. Renowned as one of the largest attractions Christchurch boasts of, tourists plunge to this spot every time of the year. Some activities to engage in include hanging out with the little blue penguins, having a memorable Hagglud Ride, experiencing an indoor polar room and feeling the indoor Antarctic Storm. The centre is family and kids friendly and can also be ideal for group/team tours.






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